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127 Outer Space, So Close

23 . 03 . 2021


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POLAR NEWSREEL: Soon we may be start to talk not only about the Polar Regions of Planet Earth, but maybe even about the Polar Regions of the Moon! Meanwhile, a volcanic fissure opened in Iceland creating a beautiful touristic eruption. And the British Antarctic Survey starts its event series Extreme Antarctica.

OUTER SPACE, SO CLOSE: Outer space and the polar regions are so different and yet so similar. They’re both defined by remoteness and extreme conditions making any activity dangerous and expensive. Within the US State Department, the lawyer for cold, dark and dangerous places is charged with responsibilities for the arctic and outer space. But that is not the only connection of the polar regions and outer space.

Antarctica is the closest you can get to space without leaving Earth. It’s an isolated, confined and extreme environment where Antarctic expeditioneers live remotely for up to nine months of the year. Today space agencies from around the world send their people to Antarctica to actually test the human factor in almost total isolation.

This episode dives into the many things that make the polar regions and space so similar, shows how science in either place influence each other and explains why Antarctica is the best place to find meteorites - what could be closer to space on earth?

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