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135 The Best Explorer Polarquest

07 . 07 . 2021


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POLAR NEWSREEL A decision by the National Geographic Society gave popular recognition to the Southern Ocean as the World’s fifth ocean with its own distinct features. On Amery Ice Shelf a large meltwater lake suddenly disappeared. After spending 24,000 years frozen in permafrost a tiny multi-cellular animal called Rotifer has been revived. On the other side of the planet soils from rocky ridges in the center of Antarctica don’t contain no microbes, something never found anywhere else.

THE BEST EXPLORER POLARQUEST 2021 For years, Mario’s father has conducted explorations, especially in polar waters, on his own sailing boat, Best Explorer, with the ambition to expand the knowledge of places and peoples and at the same time to conduct cultural and scientific projects in collaboration with public and private institutions. After finishing his circumnavigation of the Arctic, Best Explorer is writing a new chapter joining the Polarquest 2021 and will set sail on a scientific exploration of Svalbard and the Arctic ocean, sampling of water for eDNA, driftwood for drift paths and accumulation dynamics, mapping glaciers with drone and side-scan sonar survey looking for the wreck of the famous airship Italia.

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