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141 Polar Newsreel (WALRUS FROM SPACE!)

19 . 10 . 2021


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On today's Polar Newsreel:

  • Russia aims for year-round shipping on the Northern Sea Route in 2022 or 2023 to go from about 1/10th to 1/3rd of the Panama Canal shipping volume.
  • Sign the petition and help protect Antarctica by adding your name to the Call On CCAMLR petition to protect Antarctica and secure the largest act of ocean protection in history. CCAMLR meets 18-29 Oct 2021.
  • A new research effort focuses on Alaska’s sub-Arctic corals and sponges.
  • A similar undersea mapping effort was initiated in Norway with the Mareano project started in 2006 and is still ongoing (Videos)
  • A new video visualises one of the most unstable glaciers in Antarctica to point out why it is important for the world.
  • Beaufort Sea polar bears are declining in a stair-step pattern. Also see Curiously Polar episode 008 about counting whales.
  • Join the next Arctic eTalks on Thursday, 21 Oct, when Michael Mann, European Union Ambassador to the Arctic, will discuss the new EU Arctic policy being released next week as well as the role and interests of the Arctic for European Union. Also listen to the recordings of previous Arctic eTalks.
  • Ice Cores from James Ross Island in Antarctica not only indicate a date for Maori arrival in New Zealand but also show the Impact of humans mass-burning forests 700 years ago.
  • Capsule of air from 1765 reveals ancient histories hidden under Antarctic ice at Polar Zero exhibition in Glasgow featuring a sculpture encasing air extracted from start of Industrial Revolution.
  • "WALRUS FROM SPACE" is an intriguing project title! If you liked helping scientists count penguins and identify whales why not try counting walrus from satellite imagery? 500,000 citizen scientists are needed over the next five years!
  • COP26 in the UK (Glasgow) will start in 2 weeks! The Pre-COP was held in Italy (Milan) 30 September – 2 October 2021 and brought together climate and energy ministers from a selected group of countries to discuss and exchange views on some key political aspects of the negotiations and delve into some of the key negotiating topics that will be addressed at COP26 in Glasgow.

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