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140 Polar Explorers, pt. 3: The Real Most Interesting Man In The World

12 . 10 . 2021


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POLAR NEWSREEL Scientists found that puffins and other auk birds suffer in washing-machine-like waves. // A new research paper outlines how penguin poop reveals changes in the Antarctic ocean. // Help scientists and count penguins online or upload your whale pictures to increase the understanding of these animals. // A group of school kids found fossil remains of a 30 million year old giant penguin in Waikato, New Zealand. // Japanese scientists published a research paper of the influence of higher waves on the formation of ice clouds and changes the albedo effect of the Arctic sea ice. // The 2021 Arctic sea ice minimum extent proofs one more time the long-term trend towards shrinking of the Arctic ice cover continues. // Greenland’s foreign minister has been demoted following comments about excluding non-Inuit citizens from a future vote on independence from Denmark. // A visit to the Arctic induces the European Parliament’s foreign affairs committee calling for a sustained EU focus on the region.

POLAR EXPLORERS, PT. 3: THE REAL MOST INTERESTING MAN IN THE WORLD Few people can claim to have lived many different lives. But all of them come short to what Peter Freuchen has experienced. Only the shortlist of the accomplishments of this over two-metres-tall giant includes an expedition to the furthest North of Greenland, escaping an ice cave armed with his bare hands and frozen feces, escaping a death warrant issued by the Third Reich, and being the fifth person to win the jackpot on the game show The $64,000 Question. But because the trmrkable life of Peter Freuchen hardly can be contained a short list, we explore his incredible life in detail in this episode.

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