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147 Polar Newsreel (Click Click ­čôŞ)

15 . 02 . 2022


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POLAR NEWSREEL: Stark Black and White Photos Capture Life in a Melting Arctic Icelandic photographer Ragnar Axelsson has documented the Arctic and its people for over 40 years. Black and white photos document the challenging life of humans and their sled dogs in various countries of the Arctic and its extreme environment. | Glacier retreat in Svalbard between 1928 and 2002 Historical photos of glaciers in Svalbard reenacted for a before-and-now comparison of the effects of a warming Arctic by Swedish photographer Christian Aslund. | PolarPod: An inhabited oceanographic platform Renouned French explorer Jean Louis Etienne is planning to navigate the Southern Ocean around Antarctica in a vertical research vessel!| Argentine navy rescues Russian vessel in trouble Russian scientific research vessel ÔÇťProfessor LogachevÔÇŁ, with 29 crew members, including 12 scientists, was stranded Wed 2nd Feb 2022 next to the Polish station Arctowski at Lasserre Bay and was rescued by the Argentine navy ARA Bah├şa Agradable without any environmental damages. | Search for the Endurance is underway Expedition to the Weddell Sea looking for the wreck of the ship Endurance that was used by Shackleton has left South Africa and is en route for the search area.

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