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148 Polar Newsreel: Deep-Sea Roombas and Aliens ­čĹŻ

22 . 02 . 2022


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POLAR NEWSREEL: Women in Polar Research: How a 1969 Six-Women Scientific Expedition in Antarctica Reveals a Blatant Gender Gap The first women landed at the South Pole at the end of the 1960s and their story highlights some of the gender issues at the time but also how the gender gap is still present today | Getting Closer: The Ongoing Search for the Endurance The research icebreaker Agulhas II has reached the mission area in the Weddell Sea and has begun the search for the wreck of Shackleton's Endurance | Our Arctic Presence: A New Arctic Podcast Is Born Arctic indigenous youth created the podcast ÔÇťOur Arctic PresenceÔÇŁ in celebration of the Arctic CouncilÔÇÖs 25th anniversary: hear their voices | Claustrophobic or Amazing? The McMurdo Station Observation Tube Descend into a pipe in the ice at McMurdo Antarctic station to experience diving under the pack ice without getting wet | Life Finds a Way: Living in Impossible Conditions in the Depths of the Arctic Ocean Sponges on the depths of the Arctic Ocean feed on the remains of animals that died thousands of years earlier

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