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149 Endurance! ⚓️ (also: Henry's back!)

18 . 03 . 2022


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ENDURANCE FOUND!: The Endurance22 expedition has found Shackleton's ship! Probably the most amazing shipwreck discovery happened 3008m below the frozen Weddell Sea on the 100th anniversary of the Boss' burial at the cemetery in Grytviken, South Georgia.

POLAR NEWSREEL: Arctic Council on hold The conflict in Ukraine has entrained a pause in the cooperation within the Arctic Council and its subsidiary bodies | New Icebreaker for Argentina Argentina has 13 bases in Antarctica and for the time being only one icebreaker, the ARA Almirante Irízar. Now the government has approved the construction of a new polar vessel in cooperation with Finnish consultants Aker Arctic | Surprising finds on the early stages of the life of the West Antarctic ice-sheet Recent research indicates that when Antarctica froze up 35 million years ago glaciation of the area of the West Antarctic ice-sheet was delayed, possibly by warmer upwelling waters | Larsen B embayment breaks up A large portion of sea-ice that has been present since 2011 has broken away and it has taken with it a sizeable portion of the adjacent Scar Inlet ice-shelf | Large heat source below Greenland ice sheet increases melting Heat produced by the transformation of gravitational energy stored in descending meltwater causes high rates of melting at the base of the Greenland ice sheet | Blue Blob near Iceland and glacial melt An unusually cold patch of sea water south of Iceland and Greenland has, and will cool the wind blowing northwest thus slowing glacial melt in Iceland, possibly until 2050 | Follow-up: Women in Science and Exploring In 1958 Anésia Pinheiro Machado, pilot and among the first to achieve several feats, became the first Brazilian to reach Antarctica but the honors went to a male national, Durval Rosa Borges, who arrived months later | Endurance Found! | Endurance22 Podcast Episode Dan Snow takes us along the Agulhas II looking for Shackleton's Endurance

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